Soul Retrieval

  A Soul retrieval is for those looking to mend their fragmented essential core self to heal and to move forward. Often in life we experience several traumas at many different times and ages during our life time. When our soul experiences trauma whether it be emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual it goes into a protection mode and fragments off like pieces of a shattered vase. When a piece of us gets fragmented off it makes it very difficult for us to fully heal, because the full core essence of us is not present. We may have tired numerous healing modalities and treatments; however we are only treating the portions of us that are there, so we don’t end up getting the results we wish to have. Trauma of many different varying levels can lead us to never feeling whole. Please do not diminish the level of any trauma.  If it is hurtful to you and it still hurts, no matter how large or small it may seem as in compassion to others trauma it still needs healing.  A fragmented soul can also causes many dense patterns in thoughts, behaviors, belief systems, and spiritual deficits and causes blockages to healing.  We can really see this get played out in our relationships with others and our ability or lack thereof to trust, love, and not have abandonment issues come up.  It affects our lives in so profound many ways. 

What to expect: Often clients report a sense of being whole, a feeling of being back to their original true essence, immediately have clearer thinking and less brain fog, feeling grounded and present in their body for the first time in years, many people cry and report feeling like pieces of the puzzle or a sensation of empty holes in their physical and energetic body are being filled up. Also Shannon holds such a powerful filed open that many witness an imagery of their child like self walking back into their physical body. 

Here is a list of symptoms that indicate that you have fragmented pieces and a Soul Retrieval may be very beneficial for you: 

1. Do you have difficulty staying present in your body? Do you have difficulty staying grounded in your body or are you observing yourself from the outside as you would a movie? 

2. Do you ever feel numb, apathetic, or dead inside? Or have difficulty staying present in relationships? 

3. Do you suffer from chronic depression? 

4. Do you have medical issues that just don’t seem to get better no matter how much treatment you do? 

5. Do you have trouble with your immune system and have issues resisting illness? 

6. Were you chronically ill as a child or have ongoing medical issues? 

7. Do you have memory gaps of your life? Do you have a sense that you have blocked out remembering trauma? 

8. Do you suffer from addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, or gambling? 

9. Do you find yourself searching for external things to make you happy or fill a void?

10. Have you had difficulty moving on with your life after a divorce, death of a loved one, retirement, or when the children moved out? 

11. Do you suffer from multiple personality syndrome or the sense that there is multiple variations of you?  

If you answered yes to several of these questions a Soul Retrieval can bring back the pieces of your fragmented Soul into alignment. This brings a sense of wholeness to your essential core self. When we are whole and in touch with our true core essence we are much more receptive to other healing and treatment modalities, because we are now treating the full scope of our being. 

Shannon is a trained therapist and has had many years of working and treating clients with various sorts of  trauma. Combining this energetic process with her experience of a therapist this really allows people to go deep and finally move forward. Step into the life that you are meant to have and deserve. 

Are you fragmented?

Do you ever feel disconnect or have trouble staying present and grounded? Do you have trouble healing or feel stagnant? You may have a fragmented soul from trauma and a Soul Retrieval could benefit you greatly in so many areas of your life. 

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