Intuitive Sessions & Intuitive Counseling

  This is not your ordinary intuitive session. You have a therapist present as well. Shannon is here to help assist you with answers and gaining awareness. Using her intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and deep awareness Shannon feels the emotions and energy of others and situations (past, present and future), and is able to pinpoint what blocks you from moving forward and give you tangible tools that allow for lasting results. Each session is completely unique and tailored to your needs at that time. Shannon also brings her wealth of information of holistic healing, numerous modalities and natural organic ways to address other tools that you may utilized in your healing process.

Shannon gets in touch with what your true spirit essence is in need of for healing, evolving and what is in your highest interest for you, others and the Universe. Shannon is guided by what is in everyone's highest interest and what represents the truth at that time.

Some examples of issues of focus that she deals with, but is not limited to are: relationship issues, love life, abundance and where energy may be blocked and getting it to move, family matters, career path, business, relocation, health issues, energy clearing for you, your home & office, mediumship to connect to loved ones that have crossed (people and pets) and energy balancing.  

Please keep in mind that information that comes forward is what you need to know. Some information may be very direct to the point. Shannon honors telling others the information that they need to hear to heal and move forward. Please note you must be 18 years of age and all sessions are private and confidential. 

Give yourself a treat and book a session today. You deserve it! 

What to Expect During a Session: 

Depending on the content of a session it can be very eye opening, it may be emotional, gain feelings of relief, you may actual feel physical sensations in your body during the session, which is your true essence taking in the information that is being discussed and having it enter your energetic field.  Shannon will explain what is happening during the session so you are talked through any emotions or sensations that may arise. With her therapeutic background she tends to be very comforting and knowledgeable of assessing your needs. Shannon's communication style is very soothing, yet direct and she adds humor when appropriate.

Intuitive Sessions can be anywhere from 15 min to over several hours depending on your needs and the amount of topics covered.

Please develop a list of questions prior to your call and have a pen and paper ready to take notes and feel free to record the session as Shannon will probably not remember what she tells you as information is coming through her.  Please arrive and be ready for your session or call exactly during the scheduled time and not before. Shannon does most of her work by phone so there may be a caller ahead of you or behind you and she needs to be respectful of their time as well.  There are no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind in the information that is shared during a reading as things are in constant change. Shannon is picking up on the energy of possibilities as we still have free will. Call today and see what possibilities are in store for you. 


Intuitive Counseling


Your fast forward ticket!

Ever felt like your traditional therapy was just missing something or didn't quiet hit the mark? You've tried several therapist, read multiple self help books and still don't feel that sense of relief or change?  Has it taken several months to even reveal what the true source of the issue even was and you feel like you are spinning your wheels?


If you answered yes to any of those questions Intuitive Counseling may be for you.

This is having an intuitive and a therapist present at the same time. Shannon can intuitively help you pin point areas that are blocked, and assist with the energy of releasing them. As a therapist she can give you tangible tools that you can implement in your daily life to move forward,  have quality of life and lasting results. 


You deserve quality in life book today.

Intuitive Counseling sessions are for those really wanting to go deep and take a closer look at ways to improve their relationships and quality of life. Sessions can be done individually and for those really ready to jump in and change package sessions are available as well.