Energy Balancing


Do you need energy balancing?


Do you ever feel tired but don’t know why? Do you feel as if you have thoughts or behaviors that are not your own or find yourself thinking where did that come from? Do you find that you all of a sudden started experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety and can’t find the originating source of the issues? Do you aches and pains and have been to the doctor and taken medication and nothing gets better? If you answered yes to any of these an energy balancing session may be for you. These are all signs that your energy is not in alignment and you may have attachments/implants of various types that are keeping you out of alignment and possibly even physically or mentally ill.   


In person & remote energy balancing


​​​​​An Intuitive Energy Balancing Session is a unique experience that Shannon has designed for optimal healing & relaxation. This special treatment is a blend of many energy healing modalities working symbiotically to enhance your body's universal knowledge on a cellular level and acts as a gentle reminder that you have the power to heal yourself.  This creates a powerful energetic shift and you are brought into a new frequency in which your body can heal and move into a more harmonious vibration. 

Shannon utilizes her intuition to guide her where the energy needs to clear out, move or shift frequencies.  During a session Shannon is communicating with your spirit essence and energetic frequencies in your electromagnetic field as a guide for what your energy body, physical body and auric body is in need of. 


What to expect during and energy balancing session:


Your energetic body is scanned and energy is moved in person or remotely while you are guided through some breath work and visualizations. In person you are fully clothed lying on a massage table. Tuning forks, crystals, crystal bowls and essential oils may be used. If this is a remote session please be in a comfortable setting and position for optimal experience. Many feel the stagnant energy or entity attachment leave their body and report feeling lighter, brain fog disappears, and some even report that their vision is clearer. Often tears are shed as the sadness and anger is lifted. Many report an increase in energy and can feel it flowing through various parts of their body. Most often people will report a sense of overall increased well-being and relaxation. Shannon may also recommend exercises, supplements, essential, oils, practices or tools for you to continue to use after the session to assist in your healing journey.