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Meditation for Transformations 

Transformative meditations will focus on quieting the mind, relieving stress, moving us forward in growth, transforming through emotions, and allowing us to connect to our true essence. Each week will have a varying topic of the mediation such as meditation for: stillness, walking, crystals, to connect to the physical body and promote healing, release of emotions, sleep, forgiveness, confidence, opening the heart center to love & trust, connecting with the Earth, and varying other meditations that may arise. Each meditation may consist of guided mediation, quiet, sound and or crystal bowls.

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month Online

10:30-11:30 am Pacific Standard Time
(Classes will be recorded, so if you can't make it during the class time recordings will be available.) 

$12 or up what you feel inclined to give as an energy exchange per class

Please send me and email for the link:

Sunday April 14th. 2019 Crystal Healing Meditation
Sunday  April 28th 2019 Sound Healing Meditation 

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 Spiritual Hygiene – Next one to be announced if you are interested in a prerecorded class that is available  $45

In this class you will learn healthy energetic boundaries to keep your energetic field clear and working in tip top shape. This class is beneficial for those working in a health care field or holistic energy work and a must have for Empaths. Often as healers and helpers we want to assist so much that we end up unconsciously taking on others energy and even health aliments. This ends up in energy fatigued, spiritual attachments, mood disturbances and possible health issues this class will address tools and techniques to utilize in your daily routine and healing modalities to assist you staying and coming back to your true Divine essence and organic state.                         

Introduction to Meditation- Next one to be announced if you are interested in a prerecorded class that is available  $25

Often there are medication classes, but no one teaches you how to mediate. I always hear from clients say, “I am not any good at meditating, or I have tried and just can’t get into it or I always fall asleep”. Look no further help is here! During this class we will learn postures, body placement of hands, tongue and eyes to enhance your meditation practice. This class will also help you develop a meditation practice that works for you and methods to stick with it. This class will include meditation techniques, a guided meditation and a silent mediation. Beginners encouraged & welcome no previous experience needed. There will also be time for question and answers. 


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