Animal Communication

They love the opportunity to talk & be heard!


Do you ever wonder what your animal may be thinking or feeling? 

Do they have health or behavior issues you just can’t seem to identify or understand?

As a Animal Communicator, Shannon acts as a mediator between you and your pet. Animals love this opportunity for a two way conversation. She also works with pets that have crossed over and several rescue groups. 

All Species Welcome! 

Services Include: 

· exploring diet and health issues including medical needs

· help with travel anxiety

· decrease separation anxiety

· solutions for marking territory

· addressing litter box needs

· dealing with behavioral issues

· establishing healthy relationships between multiple pets

· pre and post-surgery to help with anxiety, medication detox, energetic healing and balance

· pre-screening compatibility for you, your family, & other pets in the home

· working through loss and grief for both humans & animals

· understanding issues with leashes, walking and exercise

· special experience with show horses for training and optimal performance creating overall health and happiness

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Pet communication works for our pets that are with us daily and to receive messages from the other side for those pets that have crossed. Pet communication can be done in person or over the phone, your pet does not need to be present or with you during the session. Communication with your pet can help their humans understand them better. An energetic healing occurs and often your pet will feel uplifted, a sense of calm and has a clearer energy system. Please send one current picture with the animals name and age by text or email prior to the session.

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Emotional Support Animal Letters



The emotional support animal letter is what you legally need in the US for travel and housing needs. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, so this meets letter requirements. Letters must be presented to travel attendants, hotels, and land lords in situations where animals are not allowed , but an exception are made for an emotional support animals. 


 This requires an hour session for an assessment of your own emotional health and a discussion of how being accompanied by your pet in travel, in the home and in daily life may increase your mental health and well-being.  


Shannon was great with answering all my questions and walking us through this process. She has helped us intuitively with behavior and medical issues as well as provided us with the Emotional Service Animal Letter.  Both of us have benefited so much from her expertise and she has such a gift with the animals. This has changed my life greatly as my dog can live with me in my apartment and go with me in my travels. I'm getting older and this has made life much easier being able to have my little guy with me and he loves to go out and eat and grab up all the attention. -Mary K.

Emotional Support Animal vs. Service Animal

An emotional support animal does not have any special training. Just having them present in daily life is providing the owners supports to increase mental well-being. As where a Service Animal has received special training to perform a specific task or tasks and are working while providing these task. Please be aware of the distinction as different places have different rules for each. 

Please schudle a one hour session if you are in need of a Emotional Service Animal letter.

Please be ready to provide a current picture of the pet, name, age and breed. If you have further questions please email Shannon with any questions and concerns you may have.